Kitchen Cabinets

How to Install Kitchen Cabinets

What is the type of kitchen layout you plan having? Do you plan to have a commercial kitchen space? Else would you need to have a kitchen cabinet designed for your home? You can discover the complete know-how on how to install kitchen cabinets. With these 8 easy steps:

Set up the space

You will have to figure out the space as to where you are going to set up. The kitchen hob needs to be a spacious one. This is in case you plan starting a restaurant. If it is a fast-food unit, you need to have a food truck. And the kitchen utility is arranged across the outside space. For an open style kitchen restaurant having glazed counter tops, shiny gas stove ovens and a colored sink looks great. Set up the required space to assemble the unit in a stream-lined manner.

Design the lay out

Designing a lay out again needs a meticulous level of planning. Do you prefer wooden flooring? Else are you looking for a marble styled one? Are you looking for detachable ceiling tapes? How do you plan the tiles for the kitchen hob? You can have a kitchen based interior designer to have the layout designed in a pretty manner. An inviting open styled kitchen can be a fascinating décor to have more customers flocking in into your restaurant or café shop indeed!

Have a tool-kit in place

You need to have the required tool kit in place. A proper set up on tools is a must-have. You need the relevant set of screw drivers, drawing boards, sand-paper sets, hammers, hole drilling machines and so on. You need to empty shelves before you start working on. You can plan doing the higher cabinets first.

Then you can do the lower cabinets. You will then work on establishing a counter-top. Then you will fit the hob. A gas stove cabinet is then fitted. You can work on getting the sink done as per the instruction manual you have. Setting up a perfect kitchen-hob is a labor intensive job. Therefore, you can hire a professional to get the job done.


Caulking is one of the primary steps on how to install kitchen cabinets. You can work on caulking, once your counter top has been set up.

You decide the location where you want your sink to be set up. If you have kids coming to your restaurant, you can try hands-on to getting a themed sink done. You can place Disney characters on the tile-floor surrounding the sink. Once you decide on the location, you apply caulk. This is upon the rim of the sink tank. You need to apply caulk between the edges and the backsplash of the wall too.

Design your lower cabinets

You have done your upper cabinet shelf done. The chimney of the kitchen hob sits upon the upper-most cabinet. The flames of the stove escape via the modular chimney. You have then got the counter top, tile floor and sink designed.

Now comes the time, to have your lower cabinets designed. You need to partition the cabinet space into two parts. You need to have gas cylinders fitted into the lower half of the cabinet shelf. You need ample space to have your kitchen utensils and grocery items organized. Lower cabinet shelves are mainly used for storage purposes.

You can have door styled cabinets. Or have one done via a wooden frame? But make sure, you don’t use inflammable materials while having the cabinet designed as you will be working with fire/gas 24/7. Also, make sure the door hinges or cabinet doors are installed properly.

Gas chamber to be fitted in

You will have the apparatus fitted. The cooking stove stands in between the lower cabinet door and the sink counter top. You can either install a four chamber stove if you intend cooking for small-scale outdoor activities. For commercialized cooking, an eight burner stove will have to be installed. You can try connecting two stoves. This way, you can churn dishes in a faster duration of time.

Floor designing

You can have the floor designing done for the kitchen. A wooden tiled floor adds to a sophisticated décor. You can add marble floors or an animated flooring space as well. For a great ambiance, you can do a night sky or a rain-forest zone. This is done by pasting the theme on the ceiling walls of the restaurant.

Inspect the finish

This is one of the foremost steps in designing kitchen cabinets. You will have to inspect the final touch. Minor imperfections can be corrected on the spot. You will have to figure out if the gas stoves are functioning properly. You will have to check if the smoke escapes via the chimney hob. Is there any kind of leaking coming out from cylinders? A final inspection makes sure you are treading on the right path.

These are 8 simple steps on how to install kitchen cabinets in a systematic manner. You can do it the DIY style. Doing it yourself or DIY may not be a very feasible option for a first-timer who has no clue on how to install hardware settings. And as you will be constantly dealing with fire, you cannot mess around with the installation process either. But there are kitchen companies who can have a modular kitchen set up from scratch. The technicalities of installing a gas chimney or even having a stove or oven fitted. The expertise or experience in handling these kind of things is definitely called for.

You can get a budget quote from an online kitchen company to see if you are able to hire the right professional.Kitchen builders also provide you with cabinet design lay outs if you are planning to do it your style. You can opt for custom design chambers that occupy lesser space. Following standard designs can conserve more space as against highly sophisticated ones. You can also look for a non-greasy tile floor so that the clean-up sessions will be hassle-free.