Commercial Exhaust Hood Manufacturer

NRSKitchen Exhaust Hood Manufacturer in Delhi top choice for your commercial kitchen . Your work doesn’t end once you have installed advanced food equipment in your commercial kitchen. After this, you should take proper measures to check the air quality of the kitchen. And the best way to filter kitchen air is to install a good quality ventilation system.our work isn’t over after installing advanced food equipment in your commercial kitchen. 

The question always arises of whether to install a hood or an exhaust fan in the kitchen. Though exhaust fans also help to filter the air, hoods are best for the large kitchen space. A stainless steel vent hood is one of the most crucial kitchen appliances which most kitchen owners underestimate.

NRSKitchens are one of the best hotel kitchen equipment dealer in India,the most popular supplier of hotel kitchen equipment and Y

Why are Commercial kitchen Hood Exhaust Systems Essential?

The first point on why these hoods are necessary for the commercial kitchen is because of the kitchen code that makes exhaust systems in a kitchen necessary. Moreover, they help to eliminate smoke for the safety of your kitchen crew. If the smoke is not eliminated, it might escape from the kitchen to the dining room and scare off your customers.

Plus, the hoods help to remove the excess heat. Kitchens can heat up excessively due to non-stop cooking, and you must get rid of that for a safe and comfortable working atmosphere. Also, the hoods eliminate grease problems. Cooking results in grease collection in the kitchen equipment and makes the kitchen look dirty. With the help of the hoods, you can prevent this from happening. NRS Kitchen is a renowned stainless steel exhaust hood dealer so your hoods are easily cleaned.

Commercial kitchen appliances like refrigerators release carbon monoxide, and without a proper exhaust hood system, your crew may be poisoned by carbon monoxide and fall ill. Long-term carbon monoxide exposure is extremely lethal and can lead to permanent breathing problems. Also, kitchens with inadequate ventilation encourage the growth of bacteria.

How to Choose the best Hotel kitchen Equipment Dealer for Exhaust Hoods?

There are plenty of commercial kitchen equipment dealers out there but you must choose the best one for your kitchen ventilation. Ventilation is the most important aspect of a kitchen as it helps to keep the kitchen clean and your workers safe. Therefore, you cannot risk it by collaborating with some unknown and cheap company. Before you choose a manufacturer, you must keep the following things in mind:

  • Product Ranges

The manufacturer you are considering must have both types of exhaust hoods. In general, there are 2 types of exhaust hoods: Type 1 (grease hoods) and Type 2 (heat and smoke hoods). As their name suggests, both these hoods have significant functions and the company must deal with an exhaust system that has both of them. Commercial stoves, grills, boilers, etc. must have a vent system over them to control the grease and smoke spread.

  • Flexible Design

Choose a manufacturer that provides customizable exhaust hood designs without hindering their smooth function. The hood size and shape must depend on the kitchen size; smaller kitchens need smaller hoods for proper adjustment. NRSKitchen is a renowned commercial refrigerator manufacturer so they understand the need for space resolution techniques. Their hoods are designed based on your kitchen size.

  • Advanced Technology

The company must use the latest techniques to design the exhaust hoods. Kitchen appliances are modifying, and the exhaust system should keep up with that. The hoods must filter a maximum amount of air which you can calculate in cubic-per-meters. Your kitchen may produce a larger amount of smoke and heat and the hood must compete with that. They should also come with fire-fail safes.

  • Stainless Steel Exhaust Hood Dealer

Companies dealing with stainless steel exhaust hoods are by far the best as stainless steel keeps the kitchen clean. They don’t become greasy often and you can wipe the grease off easily. It also prevents bacteria growth. NRSKitchen is famous for its stainless steel kitchen equipment, which includes exhaust hoods. Additionally, they are cost-efficient exhaust hood manufacturer.

Why Should Go for NRSKitchen?

NRSKitchen is one of the best exhaust hood manufacturing companies in India that has been in the business for over 15 years. They are experienced and skilled in this field. Here are a few reasons why one should go for this manufacturer:

  • NRSKitchen’s team has a solid understanding of cutting-edge technology that enables them to make their deliveries faster. They know the importance of flexible products and design and produce hoods that fit into your kitchen without over-crowding it. Moreover, their products are made of genuine stainless steel which requires little maintenance and keeps your kitchen area clean.
  • Their services do not end with exhaust hood installation. We provides several after-sales services. They will teach you and your staff about the various exhaust hoods and how to use them. They also provide training sessions to teach you about maintenance procedures. The team is very professional; their services do not cause any disruption to your business.
  • NRSKitchen provides a wide variety of products, most of which are customizable. Starting from commercial refrigeration to exhaust hoods, you will find everything in their store. This way, you do not have to search around for several products and you can get all of them in the same place. Plus, their team is great for consultancy. They will even advise you regarding your kitchen ventilation and hood sizes.
  • Plus, the team has outstanding experience in this field. They are technologically advanced and so are their products. They prefer creativity in their work, which explains the flexible products. Most importantly, the team is genuine and honest.
  • Choosing a supplier who offers fairly priced repair services is essential, and we are the most economical bakery equipment manufacturers in Delhi.


Ventilation systems are necessary for both residential and commercial kitchens. Not only for the kitchen codes but also for the safety of your workers and customers, you must install exhaust hoods to filter the polluted air. NRSKitchens is a renowned exhaust hood manufacturer, known for its stainless steel and cost-effective products. Contact them for an advanced kitchen ventilation system.