Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer and Dealer

NRSKitchen is a trusted leader in commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer and Dealer of restaurant and bar. The company is known for its expertise when it comes to developing food and service solutions for hotels, bars and restaurants across Delhi and beyond. NRS provides perfect and well-engineered kitchen equipment for various commercial spaces.

The team also provides customized services to hotels and restaurants and works with them from concept until completion. Be it a full sized commercial kitchen or just an installation, NRSKitchen is ever ready with the wide range of solutions that every client can depend on. The installations are always on time and are within the budget as well.

NRSKitchen features a wide range of products from reputed national and international brands – at guaranteed low prices.


NRSKitchen is one of Delhi’s most reputed organizations providing equipment for kitchens, bars, and restaurants. If you need a commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer for your kitchen, NRSKitchen is the best in the business. Located in Delhi, we at 

NRSKitchen have been providing service to many commercial kitchens for over 15 years. Our mission is to provide innovative kitchen equipment of all kinds and to become the driving force behind commercial kitchens in India.

Your restaurant’s kitchen, where your menu is created, is the life of the restaurant. Food is made, prepared, and served there. A restaurant kitchen has to serve hundreds of customers at a time, which makes it a crucial place for the business.

That is why it is imperative that commercial kitchen equipment should be chosen with care so that they are safe and energy efficient. Improperly designed kitchen equipment may cause accidents and cause damage to workers, customers, and property. NRSKitchen is ranked among the best restaurant equipment manufacturer.

NRSKitchen is an expert commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer because it has the best designers, makers, and managers of cooking equipment. To increase the durability and standard of the equipment, our firm combines traditional and contemporary innovation with personalized and cutting-edge styles. 

The kitchen items we provide are premium units manufactured with versatile and distinctive characteristics to satisfy the client’s specific needs.

Trust & Confidence


Range & Scope

We can proudly claim to have the trust and confidence of the thousands of kitchen owners we work with.

Our kitchen equipment’s go through a stringent standard checks to ensure high quality deliverance.

We cover manufacturing and distribution of entire range of kitchen products that one might need for.

We, the best hotel kitchen equipment manufacturer, use cutting-edge machinery for both custom and pre-manufactured products. The ability to integrate top standard manufacturing and distribution is the strength of our commercial kitchen equipment organization. NRSKitchen offers commercial kitchen products at reasonable and affordable prices without compromising quality.

NRSKitchen is committed to offering every type of cooking appliance required by a commercial kitchen. If you are in search of a restaurant equipment manufacturer; NRSKitchen is the right place to come.

What factors should be considered while buying kitchen equipment?

Commercial kitchen equipment dealer, small or big, is used extensively. There is a long list of commercial kitchen equipment that you will need to consider while setting up your commercial kitchen. Making hasty decisions while buying commercial kitchen equipment may cost you dearly. 

So, spend some time deciding on the best restaurant equipment manufacturer to get your kitchen equipment from, depending on your restaurant’s location, kitchen requirements, and budget.

Customized Kitchen Equipment's

We manufacture all kinds of customized equipment’s for kitchens and bars

Distribution of Brands

We also distribute equipment’s of various brands at Pan India level

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Dealer


We guide and consult kitchen and bar owners to boost their performance

Quality Checks

We know the quality leak holes like the back of our hand and help kitchens and bars in improving theirs

Why To Choose Us

Kitchen equipment is the main element of a hotel, restaurant, bar, and all other related places, without which nothing can be done. Since places like hotel or restaurant are not made for a short period, all of them require the best kitchen equipment that will last for a long time without any issue.


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