Best Convection Oven Dealer In India

Commercial cooking can be done in a seamless manner. This is when you try procuring some of the best Commercial Kitchen. Going in for some of the best Convection Oven Dealer in India is definitely the top most.

Helping you understand the features behind going in for best models:

Look for versatile features
A commercial styled convection microwave must serve multiple options on cooking. Look for a brand that has versatile features added to it. Like it should churn out grilling, baking, and deep frying. As electrical energy is converted into heat energy, you have dishes rolled out hassle-free. Sometimes, you might forget to set the timing. Look for a brand that is fitted with automated sensors. This way, the microwave oven, gets shut down, the minute, food is cooked properly.
Optimal capacity
Looking for a brand with the optimal size and capacity makes sense. Capacity or size measures the amount of volume space in a microwave. For a small sized family, you can go in for a microwave that measures a capacity of 18-20 liters. For a commercial kitchen, going in for huge capacities is a must-have. You need to go for a convection oven that measures beyond 30 liters. You can easily prepare food quantity to serve 5-8 people at the same time. Models like Combination oven brought to you by NRSkitchen is an optimal buy. It lets you get hands-on to multi-faceted aspects of cooking. These include pan frying, baking, roasting and grilling. This way, you can churn out versatile dishes in a shorter duration of time.
Why go for the right sizes in the first place?
As you keep looking for features, this is something worth pondering. Why do you have to go with right sizes or capacity? Irrespective of the number of people, food needs serving, you can go for a oven. Well, to answer this question, you need to consider this example. When you have a three member family. Like say, you have your hubby and your daughter staying, with you. Would you go for a studio apartment or a four bedroom apartment? A studio styled apartment will be the obvious choice. Not only do you pay additional rent on a 4BHK but the maintenance takes a toll on you. The same holds good for a microwave oven too. Say, you purchase a large sized microwave to heat a smaller quantity of food. The food doesn’t get heated up efficiently. A larger sized oven also leads to higher power consumption.
Look at the usable space
The previous paragraph talked about the importance of looking for a convection styled microwave. This is based on the size or capacity of the same. Now, this is next feature you look for. You need to look for a usable gamut of space within the microwave. If you find a model with two shelves, it is a very practical buy indeed. Dual-shelved ovens help you in utilizing space in an efficient manner. Those without the dual shelf option ends up with only the top portion of the food heated. The dish becomes a half-baked one. As it is half-warm and partly cold. In case of a dual rack, your food container gets elevated. And the heat is generated evenly throughout the vessel.
Look for the power wattage
Finding some of the Convection Oven Dealer in India is a challenging one indeed. But when you look for important factors, your buy is the best. And you have a reliable product in hand. Looking for microwave ovens with the wattage power is another important factor. Wattage refers to the power consumption of the oven. Most of the commercial kitchen styled models come to you with a power wattage ranging between 600-1500. Some of the ovens also come to you with intelligent heating systems. These automated sensors can help you save power consumption too. Looking for a heavy power wattage appliance helps you churn out dishes faster. But at the same time, your electricity bill doubles up as well. For an 8 seater serving, you can look for a convection Oven that ranges between 1100 to 1500 Watts.
Budget styled options
For a basic cooking style at home, you can look for a microwave oven with sophisticated features. This comes to you at an average price ranging from 5000 to 10,000. You get all the features intact to make your four member meal a fab experience. For those of you having an outdoor catering unit, you need to go for a higher priced one. You need extra add-on features like shelves, racks, heating sensors, etc. Higher capacity commercial model cookware can cost you anywhere between 20,000 and 50,000. But the investment is worth giving you fabulous returns with loyal customers coming back to you.
Pre-programmed menu options with additional features
For a restaurant-style cooking, the meal must be a perfect one. For a flawless cooking, you can look for a Oven with pre-programmed menu options. This way, you prepare the hot favorites of the restaurant, at the click of a button. You can look for defrost options too. This way, frozen food can be thawed easily. The frozen food evaporates and you enjoy hot-piping food within minutes. The defrost option works through humidity sensors. You also have another sophisticated option. For a commercial styled cooking, this serves a great time-saver option indeed. This is none other than the auto-cook menu option. The auto-cook menu helps you select a recipe option. After which the heating time and duration of cooking are set automatically.