What are the Different Types of Commercial kitchen Equipment?

With modern technologies, kitchen appliances and equipment are being upgraded to a higher level. Nowadays restaurants, hotels, and bar owners install the latest features in their kitchens for enhanced cooking. This equipment helps them to make food in less time and keep the kitchen clean also. Some restaurant owners also customized their appliances as per their needs. In commercial kitchens, large refrigerators, high-tech ovens, mixers, and grinders are common equipment. But in the present time, the capacity of this equipment has been increased. However, to help you with setting up your restaurant kitchen robot coupe distributors offers you a variety of equipment. So just make your list and set up your kitchen.


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Different Types of Commercial kitchen Equipment

Selection of the Right Equipment For Your kitchen

Before buying any new appliance for your kitchen check some of these criteria. It will help you to purchase suitable equipment for your kitchen.

  • The first thing you need to check is its quality. During buying, check if it’s working. Always buy a product that has more working efficiency than your existing equipment. And also buy good quality products within your budget.
  • Keep in mind the cost of the product. You do not need to spend extra money on a single appliance. Put some money aside for future use. Numerous companies are present in the market with varieties of products. So you just need to search for the right product within your budget. You can divide your whole budget according to the product list. Then start buying.
  • Buy equipment that is appropriate for your kitchen space. You need to buy a product that can fit perfectly in your kitchen. And make sure after installing you can easily use them. However, also leave some space if you need to buy anything in the future.
  • Always go for a user-friendly product. The machine must be easy to handle. Therefore you or any other staff of your kitchen can use it easily. Try to buy machines that do not require extra skills. Thus if a staff member who regulates that particular machine is absent, can not create a problem. In this scenario, any other staff can operate it easily.
  • As you will use the equipment regularly, the cleaning process must be easy. If it is easy to clean then you or any staff member will like to clean it regularly. Also if the appliance has a complex cleaning system then you need to hire a professional. And this would cost you extra.
  • Buy your equipment from a trustworthy seller. You will invest your money in the equipment that will give you more profit in your business. To buy products from trusted distributors to ensure quality, repair, and services from them. Robot coupe distributors provide quality products, installation, and maintenance services to buyers. You can also get discount offers and knowledge of upcoming products from trusted retailers.

The kitchen is the pivotal area of a restaurant as it delivers food. Before installing equipment you must be aware of the total area to utilize it correctly. Every kitchen requires basic things for storage, cooking, preparation, and displaying. Workers can do their jobs efficiently with appropriate appliances for each section. With the addition of modern technology to old appliances, their working capacity increased.

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Some Important kitchen Equipment in a Commercial kitchen

In the commercial kitchen, regular kitchen equipment does not give the desired result. Because here cooks, staffs work at high http
speed to provide service for the customer. To pace up with their speed, proper appliances are required. Here are some of the latest equipment you can incorporate into your business.

  • Mixer 

 This machine is used in chopping, blending, etc. Everyone has these machines. However, the latest version of this machine has become an allrounder. In commercial kitchens,  robot coupe mixer are used nowadays. In addition to blending, chopping can also make dough. Thus this equipment is now used in bakeries as well for making doughs. During buying, you need to check that the product must be leakproof. Also, look for speed and attachments during the time of buying a mixer.

  • Juicer 

 To make fresh fruit juices, a juicer is needed in every kitchen. It helps in gaining the maximum amount of juice from the fruit. A traditional juicer machine has a spinning plate that separates pulp from juices. Thus producing the maximum amount of juice.  Hotels and restaurant owners use this type of juicer as it takes less time. However, another type of juicer is present in the market called a masticating juicer. This juicer can produce 30% more juice than a normal juicer with better quality. But most commercial places do not use it as it takes more time. A robot coupe juicer is a great option for commercial kitchens as it works fast and efficiently. Another great option for a commercial kitchen is the Sirman juicer. NRskitchen offers best Sirman juicer price in India .

  • Refrigerator 

Unlike house kitchens, commercial kitchens require a good storage area for food, ice, vegetables, and meat. You will need a refrigerator with a good storage capacity. Also, check the energy-saving capability of the fridge. Buy a refrigerator that has many different sections for different items to store. Many units combine to make the refrigeration section of restaurants. Under-counter refrigerators and walk-in coolers are some of the options you can look at before buying.

  • Ovens 

A multitasking oven can increase your kitchen’s production level. Ovens that have AI technologies are in great demand now. You just simply choose your food name, utensils for the oven, and set a timer. Then the oven will automatically cook the dish for you. Most of them have bake, grill, and steam options in them. So a single machine can give you a variety of food options to prepare in less time. Cleaning ovens is also very easy.

  • Cooktops 

In current times everyone is in a hurry, so making perfect food in less time is important. If you want to sell more food at your restaurant, you can install cooktops for cooking. On cooktops, utensils get heated more quickly than in gas ovens. Thus it uses less energy than ovens using gas. It also does not create any grease. So your kitchen won’t get any greasy marks after cooking. It has an electromagnetic system for cooking. As it does not use gas it is safer than a traditional oven.

  • Equipment for Peeling, Slicing 

First, determine the amount of this work in your kitchen daily then choose the right machine. If you cut a large amount of food daily then buy an electric slicer. If the amount is less then go for the manual slicing option. However, buy an electric slicer that can slice every food item like meat, vegetable, etc smoothly and perfectly. In India potato is used in a variety of dishes. Peeling this vegetable in large quantities is tiresome and time-consuming for a commercial kitchen. For commercial purposes Sirman potato peeler is a great option to save time and energy.

The commercial kitchen is different from your household kitchen. In your restaurant, you will need a sufficient working place for cooks and staff. Only they can give a perfect service. Modern commercial kitchen equipment will give the right assistance to your staff for making great dishes. These modern-day appliances help you to maintain your kitchen tidy and work efficiently.

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