Difference Between Commercial Popcorn Maker And Microwave Popcorn

How do you feel when someone hands over freshly popped popcorn in a bag or a basket? Especially at your favorite movie hall? You feel super-excited, isn’t it? You feel like having popcorn while you experience slight drizzles in your vicinity. It can also be a healthy snack while you are running errands at the departmental or super-market stores. It can hence be said that just one simple popcorn can satiate your taste buds on multiple occasions.

These are the 10 striking differences between commercial popcorn maker and microwave popcorn.

Here they are, for your reference:

Aroma and the taste

Popping out fresh kernels of popcorn via a commercial popcorn maker definitely adds to a better aroma. The taste is delectable too. Whereas the popcorn made via microwave is neither aromatic nor tasty. Still, people use ready to make popcorn sachets in their microwave to have the tasty snack while lounging at home.

Health conscious

If you are a health conscious person, it is better you go for freshly brewed popcorn that is churned out via a commercial popcorn maker. There is a chemical filament that is attached to instant popcorn bags. When you place this in the microwave, the bag erupts the chemical which can leak into the popcorn kernels. This particular chemical is highly carcinogenic as warned by health care agencies. In other words, the chemical while it leeches into the popcorn can cause cancers among human beings.


You will never find a commercial popcorn maker sitting idle. You always find popcorn outlets during the day-time. The popcorn stalls are put up at leading shopping malls, movie halls, and even the street corner café outlets. You find the vendors almost everywhere. They never sell popcorn that is stale or outdated. They freshly pop kernels into the commercial popcorn maker. While in case of microwave popcorn, you need to fetch those ready to prepare popcorn packs from the departmental stores or grocery stores. Then come back home and prepare the popcorn. Hence industrial popcorn makers save you time and are convenient as against microwave versions.

Variety of designs, colors, and capacities

You find industrial popcorn makers in a variety of stylish designs and colors. These attract the merchandiser industry like none other. You also find commercial popcorn makers available in a multitude of capacities. These are poppers 32 oz., 18 oz., 16 oz. and 8 oz. While with microwave ovens, you cannot churn out larger quantities of these kernels due to the limited capacities, these are endowed with.

The instant popping of popcorn made easier

As commercially viable popcorn makers have independent capacities, they have the ability to churn out fresh popcorns within minutes. You get instantly brewed popcorn in a hassle-free manner. Instant popcorn cannot be served with respect to microwave ovens. Even if you want to bake popcorn on cookers, trays or saucepans, it takes a longer duration of time as against industrial or commercial popcorn makers.

A variety of popcorns to treat taste buds

This is again a striking difference between commercial popcorn maker and microwave popcorn. Commercial popcorn vendors are well-aware of consumer tastes and the latest trends as well. Hence, you get a variety of popcorns under the same roof. Caramel, salted, cheese, macaroni and chilly toast are the popcorn varieties that are churned out in a jiffy. Chocolate flavored popcorn is also the newest addition made to the premier variety of popcorn genres. While you try popping it out with microwave, you get hands-on to a limited variety of popcorn. Plus you will have to search for exotic varieties online or across stores. This can sometimes turn out to be a more tedious process.

Larger batches

You can pop kernels in larger batches or quantities using commercial popcorn makers as these come to you with differentiated capacities. While with microwave ovens, you can just pop out a pack per batch. So if friends are coming over for parties or get together events, it is ideal you order for popcorn from a commercial vendor instead of trying to make stuff at home.

Ideal for business

Initially, to purchase a commercial popcorn maker, you will have to shell out a higher amount of money. But that is just a one-time capital investment. After which, you are all out to gain. You get 200% profit margins on these. This is mainly because; you get a variety of popcorn kernels at a far lesser price value. This means the raw materials are not going to be heavy for your wallet. You then sell them at double the price, making good the one-off investment too. Hence commercial popcorn makers are more ideal for those of you wanting to have a start-up company or restaurant in place. While home-based microwave popcorn does not give leeway to this due to the limited popping capacity it has. Not to neglect the health hazards that may arise from heating the popcorn via a microwave.


If you are able to find a good dealer, then having a commercial popcorn maker installed need not be a major constraint at all. You can have one set up or installed at an absolute degree of ease. Again commercial popcorn makers are easier to maintain. With regard to microwave ovens, these require constant clean-up sessions and require personnel for maintenance.

After-sales service

When you set up an industrial popcorn maker via an authorized dealer or manufacturer, you are assured of at least a five years warranty. Like the damaged parts of the machine can be replaced at miniscule costs. Some of the companies can provide you with a lifetime warranty as well. While with microwave ovens, you have a limited warranty period. In other words, if spare parts get damaged, you will have to bring home service personnel who would be charging you at least $50 per visit. He/she will then check into the equipment and make you replace the damaged part at your own cost. It can, therefore, be concluded that commercial popcorn makers have better after-sales service over their microwave counterparts.


These are the 10 major differences between commercial popcorn maker and microwave popcorn. After all, you deserve nothing but the best. It is, therefore, better, you personally look into the pros and cons of each variety of popcorn maker. You can then decide which one to buy.

Happy shopping!