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    categories of commercial kitchen equipment

    Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer– A commercial kitchen, also commonly called the culinary kitchen, kitchen incubator, shared kitchen, and food innovation center, is a kitchen created for shared use. These kitchens are fully stocked with everything and can be rented on an hourly basis or for a certain period to produce food products.

    Commercial kitchens are ideal only for freshers or those who have just begun their careers. They can be used by small food business start-ups that don’t have enough funds. These places are fully furnished and have the same types of equipment(s) which can be found in a well-established kitchen in a restaurant or hotel. Some of the equipment that commercial kitchens have are:

    The benefits of a commercial kitchen for a food business are:

    1. People become more productive as they have a change in the environment. And because one would have all the equipment ready, they would enjoy working more.
    2. One would have access to professional equipment that is of high quality and in good shape, ensuring good food is made. Good food means happy customers which leads to higher success.
    3. One can have access to all types of equipment at affordable prices without having to buy them or invest in them.
    4. Small businesses can benefit monetarily because they wouldn’t have to invest a lot in their overheads before becoming successful. This also reduces the risk of major losses because not much is invested.

    5. Many commercial kitchen equipment dealers sell high-quality kitchen equipment. Before getting much into this, we need to know what are the most important commercial kitchen equipment that is mandatory to have:

      Refrigerators: these are much bigger than normal refrigerators as they are needed to store food, fruits, vegetables, meat, sauces, and much more in greater quantities than we have at home.

      Chillers: these are mainly kept outside of the kitchen to store beverages, ice creams, cold drinks, desserts, etc. They are usually the ones that come with a glass door, which makes it visible for customers to look into.

      Ovens: these are needed to help in cooking and baking a lot of food because restaurants and hotels make food in big quantities. Ovens help in cooking other dishes while others are being made on the stove and others are being prepped.

      Shelves: restaurants and hotels need stores to store food, spices, and much more. This would help to become more organized, save space, and help find things easily and quickly without making any mess or wasting time looking through a bunch of unorganized things.

      There are 4 main categories of commercial kitchen equipment:

      Food storage – this includes storage for frozen food, dry ingredients, fresh ingredients, etc., and making sure that it doesn’t get spoilt, contaminated, or anything.

      Food preparation – this includes equipment like mixers, spoons, spatulas, cups, bowls, sifters, slicers, blenders, etc., which are needed when food is being prepared.

      Cooking – this includes ovens, microwaves, steamers, fryers, grills, toasters, stoves, spoons, tongs, ladles, spatulas, and other equipment that would be important and needed in the cooking process.

      Maintenance and miscellaneous – cooking processes create a big mess, so cleaning supplies are a must. Mops, cleaning liquid, dishwashers, hand soap, towels, WIFI, detergents, buckets, food-safe cleaners, and much more.

      There are always many questions and confusion when we go to purchase things – whether it is for the commercial kitchen or it is for anything else, the question is always where should I buy it and is it the best? Some of the vital things to keep in mind when purchasing equipment are:

      Cost – having a budget before buying so you know how much you can spend on certain things.

      Quality: you should always check the quality. How long the equipment will last, are they strong enough to withstand the pressures of a restaurant, and much more?

      Before deciding what to purchase, one must always research the wide variety of products that are available in the market. For example, there are dozens of types of refrigerators and ovens with different types of features in the market. Knowing what you want to buy and the price range is very important before stepping into the market.

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