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    bakery mixer manufacturer

    NRSKitchen is among the most well-known Bakery Mixer Manufacturer companies in Delhi that specialize in supplying commercial kitchens, bars, and dining establishments with various types of equipment. NRSKitchen is the industry leader and the greatest option available for you if you are looking for a commercial kitchen equipment provider for your establishment. We at NRSKitchen, which has its headquarters in Delhi, have been in the business of supplying a wide variety of commercial kitchens with our services for more than 15 years. Our objective is to become the market leader in India for commercial kitchens by supplying cutting-edge appliances of every kind for use in kitchens of that type.For your cooking needs, a commercial microwave oven. Our cutting-edge commercial microwave ovens are intended to transform your commercial kitchen. These ovens promise unmatched performance and efficiency thanks to cutting-edge technology and precise engineering.

    Type of bakery mixer that we provide

    Investing in baking equipment and tools is beneficial for those who bake regularly. However, investing in any tool can be a tough decision to make as there are many options available in the market. We offer the advanced technology mixer that you should always go for as the best option. The NRSKitchen is one of the commercial kitchen equipment dealers. There are mainly three types of bakery mixer-Horizontal mixers, spiral mixers, and planetary mixers. The mixer helps to make good dough.

    Horizontal mixer

    This kind of mixer has the capability of making a large amount of dough in a short time. It is configured in a way that when the dough is getting ready, the next batch is continuously fed into the machine. The best part is that the dough exits the machine easily after the process is over. This particular kind of mixer works exceptionally well for combining a wide variety of ingredients, including tortillas, pie doughs, fillings, heath bread, cheesecakes, muffins, and many other types of baked goods. Horizontal mixers typically come with a variety of mixing arms that the user is able to alter depending on the kind of dough that is being mixed.

    Spiral mixer

    This is one of the popular mixers that commercial bakeries use. NRSKitchen is the best spiral mixer dealer available in the market. Spiral mixers are flexible; that’s why people use them in many different settings. It also helps to mix the dough completely and efficiently. It has a rotating bowel that moves around a spiral-shaped blade. Also, this one comes in different capacities and sizes that fit different target doughs. It uses less electricity compared to the horizontal mixer.

    Planetary mixer

    These types of mixers are very common in house kitchen use. In this machine, a central mixing wand rotates around a sanitary bowel. NRSKitchen is the best planetary mixer dealer available, and we have a variety of planetary mixers. Not only dough but also you can mix other substances too. This kind of machine has a detachable bowel, so you can move the bowel once the mixing is done. Planetary mixers are small, so if someone has a small space, then these mixers are best for them. However, it is a good choice if some are looking for a small mixer with good performance. Plenty of planetary mixer manufacturers are available in the market, and NRSKitchen is the best manufacturer to go for. Bakery equipment from NRSKitchen.

    Why Should one Choose us?

    There are a lot of reasons to buy bakery equipment from NRSKitchen, the best commercial kitchen equipment dealer. Here are the reasons-