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  • Restaurant Kitchen Equipment List

    restaurant kitchen equipments list

    Though food is one of the necessities, yet delicious food served most artistically can win many hearts and customers to your restaurant. A customer can be pleased by the beautiful display, tasty food and the aroma and fragrance spread all over around. To make this dream world come alive, you need to have a splendid, well-managed, and well-equipped kitchen. The kitchen of a restaurant should have all the latest equipment and machines according to the menu list of your restaurant, which gives the chef the excitement, joy, and thrill to turn that menu to life beautifully. Find affordable, high-quality restaurant equipment manufacturers in Delhi.


    A restaurant kitchen is a space that is the heart and soul of your business. The kitchen is the lifeline and thus deserves the best instruments and equipment to adore it. A restaurant kitchen requires industrial-grade materials and equipment so that it can accommodate a huge number of customers and a busy schedule. Along with the list of equipment to accommodate in the kitchen of a restaurant to design it in the best manner, you must take into consideration some other points as well. First and most important the area available should be designed so as to equip all the important restaurant kitchen equipment in a streamlined manner. Quality, price, ease of use and cleaning and the requirements according to the menu of the restaurant are a few things that should be kept in mind before making the list of restaurant kitchen equipment list.

    Right from deciding the menu, cutting veggies, preparation, storing, cooking, warming and displaying, everything needs to be done smoothly and assisting each other. Let us make the list of the most important restaurant kitchen equipment for our restaurant kitchen.


    Freezers, refrigerators, under-counter refrigerators, ice cube machines, walk-in coolers and reach-in coolers are a few types of equipment that can be grouped in the commercial refrigeration unit. Refrigeration is one of the most important parts and parcels of your kitchen. It not only stores and saves the cooked food material but also keeps the raw food material fresh and healthy. They are also used to store cold food storage stuff like ice creams and cold drinks. From the point of initiation of the food-making process until the storage process of leftover food ref, regulation plays an important role. The commercial refrigeration units are well-designed to meet the unique needs of the restaurant kitchen. Enhance your kitchen operations with commercial Refrigerator manufacturer and raise the dining experience for your customers with our dependable and creative products.


    After collecting all the raw ingredients from the refrigerator, next comes the cutting and slicing of the ingredients. A well-designed and reasonable space for food preparation counters is required to move ahead. Preparation tables and counters with enough space for cutting and slicing are a must in a restaurant kitchen equipment list. Thus specifically designed counter holds the second position in our restaurant kitchen equipment list. A preparation surface made of stainless steel is advised as it withstands corrosion, fights the attack from meat juices and food and stands tough against the harsh cleaning products required to clean a commercial kitchen.

    For cutting and slicing board you can choose either a plastic cutting board or a wooden board to chop. A wooden board has its advantages over a plastic board.


    According to the amount of food that needs to be cut and sliced, you have two types of slicers available on the market. One is the manual slicer if there is less and infrequent requirement for the slicer. It will also prove economical for your kitchen. On the other hand, if you have a huge amount and variety of food to be sliced with perfection, you need an electric slicer that saves your time and labour. A slicer is best if it can cut the food, cheese, meat or other foodstuffs with ease, fineness, speed and precision. Be careful while picking any slicer from the plethora of options available.


    Freshly ground spices add flavour and taste to the food. Also, many recipes need fine gravy of vegetables. A mixer grinder helps the chef meet all these demands in a blink of an eye. Spiral mixers are best to prepare heavy mixes of dough like bagels and pizzas. For all the rest of the preparations, a planetary mixer can be chosen. The mixer grinder proves to be a versatile equipment in your restaurant kitchen equipment list. We are a reputable bakery mixer manufacturer that offers a wide range of durable and effective equipment for your restaurant needs.


    There are generally four categories of food processors. Batch bowl, continuous feed, buffalo chopper and combination processor are the four types of processors available. You can choose the best food processor according to your needs, cost, and space available.

    There are generally four categories of food processors. Batch bowl, continuous feed, buffalo chopper and combination processor are the four types of processors available. You can choose the best food processor according to your needs, cost, and space available.


    Simply called gas in our kitchens, open-flame food preparation requires ranges in a restaurant. It is also called the powerhouse of our kitchen. You can opt for either gas or electric ranges as per your choice.

    In a gas range, it is easier to observe the cooking food and set the flame accordingly again and again. So, if you prefer a visual cooking experience, go with a gas range.

    If you do not want to waste your time in cleaning the long ranges, it is preferable to use electric ranges as they get cleaned very easily and quickly.


    Apart from cooking the normal food, you will require an oven for baking special foodstuff in your restaurant kitchen. If your menu appeals to baked food as well, ovens are a must in your commercial kitchen. According to the demand of your menu, you may also require deep fryers, flat grill or industrial salamander for broiling.


    In a restaurant, kitchen equipment list, sinks and shelves have their place. A sink gives a place to wash the food material and dishes and other things to keep the food and kitchen healthy, and a properly maintained shelf will help your kitchen remain in order and give an ideal place to store unused equipment. Display counters and fire extinguishing equipment to prevent any mishap are also a part of the restaurant kitchen equipment list. Design your new restaurant kitchen and enjoy serving.