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  • Importace of Cold Storage Equipment in Industrial Kitchen

    cold storage equipment

    The importance of cold storage equipment in the industrial kitchen worldwide cannot be understated. For those of you running your chain of hotels or if you are in the hospitality industry, having a robust cold storage solution is the need of the hour. The food products have to be maintained at a specific temperature width to keep them fresh and intact. Optimal temperatures of specific food items are necessary to avoid incidences of food contamination or even food poisoning. These include dairy products, milk items, and seafood. These require sub-zero temperatures during any given part of the day in order to maintain the hygiene quotient of the food.

    Why cold storage equipment is a must-have for your industry:

    Need to substantiate the needs of the health-conscious crowds

    Nowadays, more and more of us want to know what goes into the making. We are thoroughly aware of what good food can do to us versus adulterated ones. Organic and additive-free ingredients are popularly used in multi-cuisine dishes to cater to the health-conscious section of society. These healthy and fresh ingredients are used in hotels and hospitality industries across the globe. Some of the restaurants even adapt to the open layout kitchen system so that customers can directly have a peek into how their food is being prepared. These reasons highlight the importance of cold storage equipment in the industrial kitchen in a striking manner.

    Chef friendly

    Chefs want certain exotic dishes to be really good. These are the delicacies the chain of hotels or a particular restaurant may be really famous for. Food ingredients must be put into cold storage rooms. Here, optimal temperatures are maintained all through the day. Pastries, pudding tarts, and yummy ice creams have to retain longer freshness to enhance their shelf-life. It is an efficient cold storage solution that comes to their rescue. So cold storage equipment like modular cabinets or 24/7 refrigeration is chef-friendly indeed.

    Versatile usage across industries

    It is not the hotel industry or the food industry alone that extensively makes use of cold storage equipment. The hospitality industry supplying hygienic varieties of sodas, chilled drinks, cocktails, and mocktails makes use of cold storage cabinets as well. The fisheries and frozen foods department makes use of cold storage solutions as seafood and agricultural produce are highly perishable. The same is the case with milk and dairy products, too. The Pharma industry makes use of cold-storage cabinets to store medicines or drugs in order to improve their shelf-life! Cold storage cabinets are thus extensively used in a variety of industries.

    Facilitates shelf-life at fresh produce organic farms

    Fruits, vegetables, and cereals have to be consumed fresh. But then it takes a very long time for the organic suppliers of fruits or vegetables to reach departmental stores, supermarkets or even middle-class vendors. Finally, these are distributed to the consumers. Hence, it is the need of the hour that farm-fresh produce is effectively stored in refrigerators with sub-zero temperatures. Extensive usage of cold storage solutions is therefore typically called for. Similarly, fresh livestock can also remain unspoiled for over a month when kept in high-end refrigeration cabinets.

    Convenience when it comes to food-delivery

    Quite a lot of departmental or convenience stores offer the selected or chosen range of products at the customer’s doorstep. Working men and women find this particular feature extremely convenient as they are busy at their places of work all through the week. Weekends are meant for jolly drives with family instead of mundane shopping after all. An effective cold storage facility is highly useful to make the ordeal into a feasible solution. In this sense, the selected range of food products or groceries can even be deported from the stores to the transportation lorry or van. The food and provisions are then delivered to the customers in a hassle-free manner. Sans spillage, spoilage or pilferage!

    IT and Technology companies

    Do you know why most of the IT companies are centrally air-conditioned? Yes, it adds to the comfort level of employees working in the organization. At the same time, computers require an air-conditioned atmosphere to function efficiently. While multiple servers or computers are running at the same time, unforeseen short circuits or electrical fires can erupt. It is for this reason that IT and technology-driven companies need to maintain a well-regulated temperature. Industrial cold storage cabinets provide ample room for climate change adjustment. The cold storage solution also has the humidity factor under check as it condenses the atmosphere surrounding the same. This way, damage to electrical or electronic components can be reduced to the bare minimum.

    In the medical industry

    Hospitals require robust cold storage supplies, too. Certain medicines remain intact only when they are stored in cold storage rooms. The IV solution fluids are also usually stored in safe medical cabinets to maintain the equilibrium. Henceforth, these cold storage cabinets are of paramount importance. Some certain solutions and substances can effectively cure life-threatening ailments. These have to be stored under extremely controlled temperatures. Organs meant for transplantation have to be stored under sub-zero temperatures so that they don’t decay before the onset of a major transplant or surgery that needs to be performed on patients. Hence, robust cold storage equipment saves lives, too. These seven reasons definitely imply the importance of cold storage equipment in the industrial kitchen. You can feel free to choose cold storage cabinets according to your mode of convenience. You can design cold storage rooms where you can literally walk in. Truck lifts can also be allowed to enter the cabinets. Modular or compact storage cabinets can also be designed. You will need a renowned service provider who helps you fix the equipment from end to end. You also need to look for a service provider who effectively provides an after-sales service or helps you in the maintenance of machinery or equipment. Having understood the importance of cold storage equipment in an industrial kitchen, you also need to scout for a reliable dealer who provides feasible solutions without being too heavy on your wallet!