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  • Compare Side By Side Refrigerator VS Top Freezer

    refrigerator vs top freezer

    Today, we are living in a world of innovation and revolution. Where everything is serving us with the latest technology and designs, refrigerators are also one in this race. Today, we have a variety of refrigerators loaded in the market. All the kids have their speciality and characteristics. The two most common kinds are side-by-side refrigerators and top freezers. Let’s witness their comparison and find out which one best suits our needs.

    Top Freezer

    The image of a refrigerator you get once you close your eyes is the top freezer refrigerator. It has a freezer on the top, followed by a refrigerator. The most traditional refrigerators are the most common and typically the least expensive.

    Side By Side Refrigerator

    The unique almirah like refrigerator where the fresh food and frozen compartments both take up the full height of the unit and are divided vertically down the refrigerator is side by side refrigerator.


    The two kinds of refrigerators can be compared on a variety of basis. If we leave nostalgia behind, budget, size of household, the advantages and disadvantages, etc., are the various categories of comparing side-by-side and top freezer refrigerators.


    Budget is one of the most important elements for the decision to buy a new thing. Top freezers are the cheapest to buy and repair as contrasted against the typically costlier side-by-side freezers.

    Size Of The House Hold

    The top freezer model is best suited for a medium four to six-member family. It gives a wide, more usable storage space to store, and the doors swing open wide to allow shelves and bins to be removed. On the other hand, as the side-by-side refrigerator is divided into two halves from top to bottom, they do not support wide storage like pizzas. But if you have a joint family who loves to eat non-vegetarian food, the side-by-side placement of the doors of the fresh and frozen food compartments is best for you.

    Space Needed Around The Refrigerator

    Though the top freezers allow wide space inside, the large doors also require a large space outside to open fully. If you have a small kitchen or less space to keep your refrigerator side by side, refrigerators can serve you the best.

    Energy Use

    The traditional top freezer constitutes a plus in energy efficiency. They usually consume less energy as the freezer door is not opened frequently. The number of times the freezer door opens is directly proportional to the energy used. Side-by-side refrigerators are not energy efficient and use a large amount of energy.

    Repair Cost and Frequency

    Owners of side-by-side refrigerators face considerable repair expenses that come with ice-making units. Top freezer with a comparatively cheap price also offers easy repairs that do not make a hole in your pocket.

    Reaching Items

    With the top freezer, most of the food items are stored below eye level, and we need to bend or squat for most of the items. In the side-by-side refrigerator, space is equally divided, but reaching the food on the top and below can be a challenge.

    Before you choose between the top freezer and side-by-side refrigerator:

    1. Keep in mind your requirements and needs.
    2. List your needs and challenges, and then check which refrigerator qualifies for your list. If kitchen space is not your problem you can go for the affordable, economical and efficient top freezer model.
    3. If budget is not a challenge for you and you are a non-vegetarian food lover, go for the stylish side-by-side refrigerator.