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  • Bar Equipments and Tools List

    bar equipments and tools list

    Bar Equipments Manufacturers in Delhi and Tools List Being a bartender or an owner of a bar can be a lot of fun but it comes with a huge responsibility as well. You might know all your cocktail recipes well, but being a professional mixologist is more than just that. A good bartender not only needs to be familiar with bar equipment and the tools but also needs to have them very handy. In this online guide, we are going to have a look at top-notch Bar Equipments Manufacturers in Delhi and a tools list. You have shakers, muddlers and juicers to make your drinks party a fascinating one.

    Let's go down the lane with the checklist

    Bartending kits

    You have cocktail mixing kits comprising glasses, corks, spoons and the needed essentials. If you are a party pro or running your hotel, a sophisticated stock of assorted bartending kits is a must-have indeed. Pre-measuring jugs and cocktail recipes are also included with the assorted packs on bartending kits.

    Cocktail shakers

    Most of the pubs use stainless or thermo-ware based shakers to mix the contents of the same. You may have juices, alcoholic beverages, and add-ons to mix to the actual mocktailmocktail or cocktail. You can have two tall stainless glasses or chiller flasks forming a part of the cocktail shakers. Glass shakers or juice jars help you churn out a delectable array of drinks in desired flavours.

    Mixing glasses

    Restaurants or pubs use sophisticated versions of mixing glasses to form delicious cocktails or mocktails. Using smaller 3 OZ glasses can be a great must-have indeed. These come to you in sets of 6, 12, 18 and 24. You can also use chiller flasks that come to you in smaller capacities. This way, the chillness of the drinks can be retained longer. Painted prints can also be ordered for the extra jazz.

    Bottle openers

    Bottle openers must be made from heavy-duty steel or other sturdy materials to prevent the bottle caps from falling to the floor. You can check online for trendy designs and models on bottle openers. You can buy one by choosing your budget. Cork openers suit corporate or independent buyers.

    Cap catchers

    Cap catchers go well with opening beer bottles. You can do so with an absolute degree of ease. The caps are collected at the bottom. Cap catchers are designed using magnets or powered stainless steel.

    Bar spoons

    An assorted array of bar spoons is a must-have for bar equipment manufacturers in Delhi. You get the tall spoons made from twisted silver, powdered glass or stainless steel. You can mix the pint or squashes with the spoons. Or even add chocolate sauces, sugar or salt. The spoons go well to mix the contents in an even proportion.

    Cocktail jiggers

    You can go with stainless steel jiggers measuring 2 or 3 Oz capacity. Different capacities can mix the drinks evenly. You get hand-weave-designed glass jars as well. You can mix the final output into these jars before you churn out drinks for guests turning in for the party. 5 or 6 OZ capacities can also be used if you prefer serving the cocktails in tall wine glasses.

    Dasher bottles

    You get clear-glass dasher bottles with lids on top. You can store the cocktails in these in case you have the habit of sipping a peg or two every day in the evening. You get these in 90 ml or 100 ml jar capacities. You can store your hand-crafted bitters into each one of these. The bottles can be stacked up in your cooler bar.

    Garnishing tools

    In order to garnish the peg glasses with slices of lemons or tangy oranges. You typically need to stack up with a set of garnishing tools. These include Y shaped peelers, citrus zester and knife bars, and rimmers.

    Citrus Juicers

    You always find non-alcoholic friends who love hitting the pub. To hang out with friends and have hands-on to some great music. You serve them with chilled glasses of lemonades, orange squashes or bloody Mary cocktails sans the wine. Citrus juicers or squashes are stuff you cannot do without.

    Straws, stirrers, and picks

    It would help if you again stacked your elegant pub or bar with the wildest varieties of straws, stirrers or picks. Umbrella-shaped straws make a great appearance while serving drinks. You can also choose multi-hues on straws. Stirrers are long metallic rods to stir the drink well or shake it up before you start drinking. Bamboo paper straws are more eco-friendly if you want to abandon plastic straws.

    Ice-cube trays and ice buckets

    You can go in for ice-cube trays or ice-cube moulds if you want to deep freeze in a regular fridge. For outdoor hikers, you can go in for ice buckets or beverage buckets. You get these in varied capacities. You can carry two to three bottles of your favourite cocktails in one huge ice bucket. This way, you chill out with friends and family. You can also use ice cube buckets to carry smoothies or fruit juices.

    Wine and Champagne tools

    Your wine and champagne kit makes sure you enjoy a wine party to the hilt. You can stack up essentials like bottle stoppers and stopper caps to prevent champagne from overflowing from the bottle. Cork-based wine bottle openers, pretty-looking wine glasses and cased wooden boxes, again, are a few of them. You can also include napkins, mats and tissue papers that can make your outdoor trip a seamless affair. Again, this is one of the most essential Bar equipment manufacturers in Delhi and tools list. Ice cube buckets made from bronze allow you to carry ten bottles of homemade wine at an absolute degree of ease.

    Coolers or picnic totes

    You want to enjoy a personalized vacation with friends and family. Else you might be an outdoor supplier who sells cocktails to those out on the move. Either way, you need to stack up cooler tote bags or wine bottle holders. This way, you can supply the drinks in a pilferage-free manner. Cloth bags or sturdy totes solve the purpose in style.

    Café supplies

    If you indulge in serving cappuccino café or chilled latte, you need to stack up on your café supplies. Brewers, decoction makers, glass jars, ice cube buckets, coffee stirrers, sweetening syrups and commercial coffee makers help you with the same. Whisky glass holders, vinegar syrups and drip trays are other essentials in your bar equipment and tools list. Conclusion: Know that you are aware of the various bar equipment and tools; you can use them wisely to empower your bartending team. The glimmering bar tools behind a bar can be confusing, but all of these are essential to creating the most fantastic drinks. The bar equipment and tools list will certainly get you started. Also, click here – Bar Equipments Manufacturers in Delhi.